Easing the Heavy Heart

hearts sculpture

So of late my heart has been heavy and it has been hard to imagine it not heavy.

Sort of like how I can’t really imagine winter when we’re in the midst of a broiling Carolina summer. I see my sweaters in neat stacks in the closet and I think I should probably dump them in the garbage because it is never going to get cold again but I am too lazy to bother and then it’s October and I pull them out– hello, old sweater friends!– and I’m amazed and grateful and glad I didn’t toss them.

The other day, in the midst of aimlessly clicking from link to link to link on the broad fields of the Internet, I came across this video:

I’ve always liked the song and then this put it on a different plane. A gorgeous, serious, healing plane. Give it a listen. Pay special attention when the strings come in, around 3:30.

I’d forgotten how much the right piece of music at the right time can do a kind of magic. How it says, Sit, rest, abide. Sometimes five minutes is enough.

Photo credit

Photo Hearts by Robbie Sproule via flickr and licensed under CC 2.0