10,000 Reasons to Keep Writing


Recently I’ve been making an effort to exercise more. I set a goal of averaging 10,000 steps a day, and I track my steps with my phone. According to a random article on the internet, the 10,000 steps per day goal comes from a marketing campaign to sell pedometers in Japan. So, there’s no magic number of steps that will make anybody fit and healthy. But something about that number is alluring anyway.

I started thinking about the number ten thousand and how it surfaces in various contexts:

Since I’m writing about writing, here are some books where ten thousand is right there in the title:

I can only claim to have read the third one, which I recommend if you like free verse and aren’t too bothered by a leap or two into the unexpected. Just roll with it– you’ll end up somewhere interesting and beautiful.

Are there really ten thousand reasons to keep writing? If I thought long enough I could probably come up with a hundred. But then there are reasons from every other writer. Ten thousand is probably just the minimum.

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Photo Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery (119) by Constantine Agustin via flickr and licensed under CC 2.0