Try a Grid Layout for Your Art Journal

Often when I add pictures, drawings, etc. to my art journal, I just slap them in any old way. I work the text around them or over them (an opaque white pen is handy for this) and I don’t worry about whether the page as a whole or the two-page spread looks coherent.

Sometimes, though, I like to do a little more planning. A grid layout is a simple plan for where text and images go on your journal page. Like this:


To draw the grid, I used a stencil that I improvised from a board game. You could draw a grid with a ruler if you don’t have a stencil.

You can embellish your grid, as Shannan Sinclair did with her piece:


These two examples used images but you could combine words and images.

The idea is to stay pretty loose– don’t worry if you go over the lines. Remember, there’s no grading in art journaling.

Photo Credit

Top photo is mine, from a 2009 journal page.

Bottom photo is Boxed In by Shannan Sinclair via flickr and licensed under CC 2.0